Meet Greg

My name is Gregory David Samborski.

That’s me, up there. I love going off road. The plan is to ride around the world… but I digress. I quite like my name except for the fact that makes for a lousy web address. Should you choose me as your photographer you can just call me Greg. But why would you choose me? Well, I’m glad you asked:

First. I’m passionate about my craft.

I know it’s cliche. I spent hours, actually days, coming up with fancy ways to reword this statement but fact of the matter is there is still no acceptable synonym for ‘passion’ as of yet. Here’s an example to back up this claim. In 2009 I completed my 365 Project. Every single day for an entire year I took a self portrait. I’m not talking about the kind where you hold a camera at arms length and press the button. I’m talking about lathering my entire body in corn-syrup, rolling in cherry blossoms I collected off the street, and then using a remote triggered camera and flashes to create the superhero now known as Blossom Man.

Second. I’m a pleasure to work with.

Sorry, I know there are many other adjectives such as, ‘personable’, ‘reliable’ and ‘professional’ that sound less self indulgent but, I strongly feel ‘pleasure to work with’ sums it up best. Because in the end, isn’t that what you want, someone who puts you at ease, listens, delivers as promised and goes that extra mile every step of the way?

Third. I want to impress you.

Admittedly my desire for praise is also my weakness. I’m simply not one of those artists who is contented merely by the process of making art. I want others to see what I create and for my work to evoke such strong feelings that I can hear you laugh, see you smile and feel your happiness.

Yours truly,

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