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Absurdistan in Ko Mak | Korea Band Photography

Absurdistan in Ko Mak | Korea Band Photography



Ko Mak, Thailand: “There they go again!” I whispered to Hyunmi cocking my head towards the ocean below. The warm sound of a clarinet filled the air. An accordion chimed in and then a guitar. These weren’t the stilted sounds of amateurs blowing, squeezing and plucking their their way through a melody, these guys were dedicated, practicing for hours each day to perfect their Bohemian style. I so wanted to see the faces behind the sound but our paths never seemed to cross (which is pretty amazing given that we were staying at the same resort on an island you could walk the circumference of in half a day). It wasn’t until Absurdistan, the name of the trio) performed on our pier that I finally got to see them. The group’s eccentric sound and style was so good that it prompted me to ask the resort staff which bungalows they resided in so I could ensure a crossing of our paths.

Marta, Gael and Tonino lived in the bungalows nestled in the mangroves at Cococape Resort.  These bungalows were the bachelor pads of Cococape consisting of a bed, mosquito net, fan and a porch with an unbeatable view of the ocean and water lapping over the tangled mangrove roots below. The pots, laundry and decor strewn about indicated that this was their long term accommodation.

“Knock knock?” I said. A warm “yessssss” came back in a thick Hungarian sounding accent. Gael, the accordion player was wrapping fresh gauze around his wounded toe. I introduced myself, “My name is Greg, I’m a photographer, I love your style, and I would love to do a photo shoot with your band.” Gael was all for it and told me he’d run it by Marta, the clarinetist, and Tonino, the guitarist, that evening.

That night, after partaking in a captivating musical journey around the world with Absurdistan at Banana Sunset restaurant, the band and I confirmed the first of three photo sessions.

Session One = Sunset Rock
Session Two = Smokey Mangrove Sunrise
Session Three = Smoky Midday Jungle


As much as I would have like to have started the very next morning I couldn’t because there were preparations that needed to be done. At 8am I worked up my first sweat in two weeks husking coconuts in the least effective way possible, throwing them at rocks, sawing at them with my Gerber Tool, then stabbing at them with a stick and finally pulling and prying with my bare hands – really, I should have copied this guy! Why all the work? We needed SMOKE! The other day I’d made it my sole mission to husk and crack a coconut by hand. Once accomplished, I didn’t know what to do next so I started burning things, like the coconut the husk, and that’s when it all came together. My thought process went like this:

-“I wanna take a photo of this thick smoke!…”

-“I wanna take a photo of this thick smoke with light beams shining through it in the Jungle!!…”

-“I wanna take a photo of this thick smoke with light beams shining through it in the jungle with that band I keep hearing!!!”

Absurdistan was great to work with and endured a fair bit of discomfort on the razor sharp lava rocks, mucky mangroves and ant infested jungle floor fully trusting in my word that the effort would be worth it. Absurdistan doesn’t do facebook and sadly I can’t find any links to their music on Youtube or Soundcloud at this point but when/if they get back to me with some I’ll update this post. Thanks again Marta, Gael and Tonino for sharing your amazing talents and being such willing models. All the best and wishing you safe travels.

Looking for a band photographer in Seoul Korea? Get in touch with me via the contact link above!



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  • Terry Glenn2016/02/06 - 9:51 PM

    Good fun on the dock listening to these talented musicians.

  • Isabel2016/04/13 - 4:16 PM


    I was on Koh Mak in December and loved the band Absurdistan Trio! Back then Gael told me that they will have several gigs in Europe this summer. While I try to find something out about their schedule I found your page!

    Unfortunately I don’t have a way to contact them… Do you have any idea where I can find something out about their tour?

    Best wished from Germany, and thanks for the article!


    • Greg Samborski2016/04/14 - 5:48 PM

      Hi Isabel, thanks for getting in touch. I sent you an email with their contact info!ReplyCancel

  • anneki schmidt2018/09/07 - 5:04 AM

    hey greg! wow,i really like your photos !! you where making a really good job!! i was spending loots time with the absurdistan trio in thailand together..know the places of the fotos and i love them..we had a really good time together..may be we know also each other..i was the woman travelling with may small daughter(3years) old…i wstayed in contact with gäel..but since un mes he lost his telefon/number..it makes me really sad because i really want to enjoy one time a concert of them..gäel should be in swiza todavia but i lost his email.contact…do you still have it?? that would be sooo nice!!!lots greetings annekiReplyCancel

    • Hanna Poeschl2018/09/07 - 12:49 PM

      Hi Anneki, glad to hear you like the photos. I just dug up the old email I sent with their photo link and shared your contact info and message. You know I never heard back from them after sending their photos, I hope that they were just busy rather than it being a wrong address. I hope they get in touch with you. If they do, tell them to reach out to me again! I would love to purchase some of their music. We still listen to a few of the recordings we made that night at Banana Sunset and on the dock at Cococape. By the way, we were there in Jan 2016. Where you there then too? Do you know other bands that have this great sound? Friend me on facebook or comment back here 🙂ReplyCancel