Backstage With Greedilous/Youn Hee Park @ Seoul Fashion Week

Twice a year Seoul Fashion Week goes down at the iconic Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Even if you can’t make sense of fashion, like myself , or just don’t really care what the hottest celebrities are wearing, like myself, it’s still worth a visit! Actually, SFW has become a bit of a tradition for me since I started photographing my friend Amy Aleha representing Metro City. After my third visit, I think I’m finally starting to understand what SFW is all about – NETWORKING. Us photographers, we go to things like WPPI and Photokina to play with the latest toys in imaging technology, learn from the pros, and connect with others. Well to me Seoul Fashion Week looks much the same, just with a much better dressed crowd… and more women 😉 SFW brings together designers, agents, models, photographers and a few weirdos in rubber horse head masks. Everyone is there to strut their stuff. Rather than handing out cards you add instagrams.

I had the honour of being invited back stage to photograph designer Youn Yee Park’s Greedilous runway show. It was new experience for me to see what goes on behind the catwalk. The assignment was carte-blanch so while the majority of photographers I saw spent their time seeking out celebrities and shooting them at 12 frames a second with an on camera flash, I tried to document the event from a slightly different angle. Youn Yee Park would surely come away with 15+ frames from each of the 15+ photographers of each of the 15+ group shots she was front and centre in for a grand total of 225 fames per group. My goal was to leave her with an overview of what happened, a story that covered the franticness leading up to the show, the models entering and exiting the catwalk and the celebration that followed. I made sure to capture the wall of photographers capturing Youn Yee and then got the group shot too.

As much as I would like to post the whole set in black and white, the way I shot it in camera, and a mood I feel fits nicely with backstage, I need to show at least a few frames in color to convey the bold Greedilous pallet. Okay, enough words, onto the images. If you like what you see and want something backstage photographed, hit me up.

Ps. I just posted the personal Mirror Portrait Project I did.

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