Beginner Photography Class

Class TitleBeginner Photography Class
DescriptionAutomatic mode just doesnโ€™t cut it when shooting conditions are anything less than perfect. In this course we will cover a range of topics which will all help you in your quest for better photos. In four weeks you will be able to:

-Understand basic camera terminology
-Get acquainted with and have a chance to talk and ask questions about lenses, tripods, bags and accessories
-Quickly choose the right preset/mode for the situation and understand the mechanics behind it
-See the relationship between aperture, shutter and ISO
-Make your camera rapid fire at sporting events or do long exposures of trailing car lights
-Increase and decrease the brightness of your images reliably
-Apply simple compositional rules that will improve EVERY shot.

The first half of the lesson is usually spent in the classroom. We review our work from the previous session and then I present the new lesson. I include a lot of photos that utilize the techniques we are learning so that you can see instantly what is possible. The photos can also be a good source of inspiration for the shooting we will do later. From there we work our way through the camera controls. Whether you are shooting a Canon, Nikon, Sony, or a camera made out of shoebox we work together to determine if you have the given functionality and to access and use it.

The second half of class is where we start applying what we have learned. I set up mini photo missions for you that require use of the newly acquired skill and possibly those learned in previous classes. I like to give students room and time to get into their creative zone and experiment but Iโ€™m always close enough that you can come to me with any questions. Finally homework is assigned and I encourage students to upload and share their homework on our faecbook page so we can review it next class!
LocationYongsan Arts and Crafts Center
DatesTuesdays - June 7th, 14th, 21st and 26th
TimeClass A 10:00-12:00 @ Arts & Crafts Center | Class B 18:00-20:00 @ Commiskey's
CapacityMaximum 12 students
Price$100 Per Student
Requirementsa. minimum 4 students are required to run this course
b. students should have a camera that offers manual control over aperture, shutter speed and iso
RegistrationClick HERE to register online.
Payment can be made any time before classes start at Yongsan Arts & Crafts Center Building#S-4253 DSN 738 4750 (DOD Only)
If you're not a Department of Defense contractor, service or family member, you can request the course here.
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  • Jordan2016/03/11 - 6:56 AM

    I am interested in taking your beginner photography class. Will you be running one in April in the evening?

    Thank you.ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2016/03/14 - 4:12 PM

      Hi Jordan, thanks for your interest. I just sent you an email. Please let me know if it didn’t go though.ReplyCancel

  • Alfonzo2016/04/04 - 12:14 PM

    Are you having an beginner level class in april? If so I would like to attend.ReplyCancel

  • Handan Iris2016/04/14 - 9:33 AM

    I am looking for a weekend program for a beginner. Do you have any starting soon or do you offer private/smaller group programs?
    Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie2016/06/30 - 10:30 PM

    Hi! I’m interested in the beginner photography class. Is it still being offered?
    Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2016/07/01 - 11:05 PM

      Hi Jackie, I just sent out an email to you with more details. Talk to you soon!ReplyCancel

  • Young Eun Lee2016/10/20 - 1:28 PM

    I am interested in the beginner class. Can I get details through my email? Thank you.ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2016/11/04 - 10:24 PM

      Hi Yong Eun Lee, I’ll make sure your name is on the list and email you when a new class is set to run.ReplyCancel

  • Venkata Divakar2016/11/07 - 5:05 PM

    I am looking for a weekend program for a beginner. Do you have any plan to starting soonReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2017/01/11 - 2:51 PM

      Hi Venkata, I’m just putting together a plan for the seoul photography class right now. I’ll email you soon.ReplyCancel

  • Hyo Jean2017/04/02 - 10:17 PM

    I would like to attend the class if there is a beginner photography class opening this April!! Could I get a mail of the schedule?ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2017/04/07 - 10:01 AM

      Hi Hyo Jean, not sure I will be able to run a class this April but I will put you on my mailing list so you get the next update. Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Riddhi2017/04/26 - 11:23 AM


    Myself & my wife are looking for photography classes (beg/inter) in May in Seoul.
    Do you have any vacant slots left?ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2017/05/16 - 3:47 PM

      Hi Riddhi, right now I’m super busy shooting assignments for clients. I’ve added your contact information to my master list so I can let you know when we run something again. Thanks for your interest.ReplyCancel

  • Gerard2018/05/24 - 5:32 PM

    Do you have any recomendations for the type of camera?ReplyCancel

    • Hanna Poeschl2018/09/07 - 12:55 PM

      Best advice I ever got on buying a new camera was get the one most of your friends have ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Terbrueggen2018/09/07 - 11:51 AM

    Interested in taking your beginners course. Will you be running one in September or October? ReplyCancel

    • Hanna Poeschl2018/09/07 - 12:54 PM

      Hi Jessica, thanks for the interest. At this point I probably wont run any photography classes in fall as it peak season for shooting and I have a lot of projects on the go. Possibly this winter though. Will you be around?ReplyCancel

      • Jessica2018/09/07 - 1:28 PM

        Thanks, Greg, for the response. I will be around in the winter, but am really looking for a class sooner than this. Might you know of any other options in the Seoul area? Thank you kindly ๐Ÿ™‚ ReplyCancel

        • Hanna Poeschl2018/09/07 - 1:59 PM

          Hi Jessica, I just came up with a solution I think. My assistant Maria is a skilled photographer with teaching experience. I sent you an email with more details ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

          • Jessica2018/09/07 - 2:11 PM

            Thank you! Wonderful! 

  • Yeseul Kim-Russell2019/01/31 - 10:47 AM

    Hi Greg, I’m interested in your beginner photography class. Are you still running them this year? I couldn’t tell whether the dates/times on the registration form online is for 2019 or not. Cheers!ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2019/02/04 - 10:41 PM

      Hi Yeseul, sorry for the confusion. Actually at this point I’m not running any classes due to a busy shooting schedule but if/when I do put something together I will let you know!ReplyCancel

  • Kozarngam2019/02/26 - 1:42 AM

    I am from north east India …I’m also interested into a photography and cinematography..How do I have to reach you ? And persue this very desire? Please give me detail about your about admission and about the classes when the session in starting?ReplyCancel

    • Greg Samborski2019/03/02 - 4:35 PM

      Thanks for your interest. At this point I’m not offering any classes due to the high volume of client work. I’ll let you know should that change. All the best!ReplyCancel