Cherry Blossoms & Passport Theivery | Eva & Michael

Seokcheon Lake, Seoul South Korea:  Korea’s cherry blossom season is more renowned than I ever thought.  I’m starting to think that the people of Hong Kong are infatuated with these beautiful pink flowers.  I say this because I photographed two cherry blossom seeking Hong Kong-ians back to back.  Unfortunately, it was still too cold for cherry blossoms during Toby & Shun’s photo shoot.  But one week later a few buds started to peek out, just in time for Eva & Michael’s engagement photo session.  We managed to capture a few in our frames.

We also reenacted a little passport thievery from the past.  The shot story goes something like this.  Michel wanted to surprise Eva with a trip to Japan, where he would then propose to her.  So he set up a fake plan to go to Macau her.  Most people don’t carry their passport at all times and asking Eva to bring it would have clearly given away the surprise.  So Michael simply stole it from her a few days earlier.

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