Choosing your VIMC Photos

Hello riders, I had a great time capturing you all at the track. Before you start browsing the photos, please have a read through the info below as it will help you more easily find, select and purchase your images.

Each group/colour has 300+ images total for the day. There are many images I would have usually cut for my own artistic reasons, however, I left them there knowing just how valuable it can be for you to evaluate your technique and see your progress over the course of the day.

File Organization

I’ve converted the file name of each image to the date and time the image was taken. The structure is YYMMDD-HHMMSSTOS = Year/Month/Day-Hours/Minutes/Seconds/TenthsOfaSecond. I then organized all the rider images into a handy-dandy folder that shares the same group number and/or colour as your group.

Shoot Proof Ordering Instructions

There is a small possibility you may have photos in another group if you got on the track early and/or got off a little late. From my observations the timings ran like a Swiss watch so there shouldn’t be any images out of place.

If you switched groups you will have to look in the respective folders.

Feel free to browse the other group folders if you think some of your photos are missing or just want to check out what the others were up to.

Cropping & Printing

I’ve uploaded HIGH RESOLUTION images for you. These files are roughly 4,000 x 2,667 pixels. That means you have a ton of flexibility when it comes to cropping. I recommend you download the high resolution version from the ShootProof Platform and then crop on your phone or at home. You can zoom in and/or change the orientation like in the examples below.

Crop To Zoom xpx
The rider in this image is quite far away but we can digitally zoom simply by cropping.
Crop To Zoom xpx
Here we applied a massive 100% crop which makes the image 2,000px on the long end and you can see the quality is still great for digital applications.
FullSize xpx Photo
You also have the flexibility to turn vertical shots in to horizontal ones.
Cropped xpx Photo
You can still print this image up to 8×10 with a good amount of detail. For larger prints purchasing the full resolution image is recommended.


You are welcome to crop, edit, use, print and share these images as much as you like. The only condition is that they not be used commercially, ie, printing them as posters and then selling them at the waterfront, or using them in an ad campaign for your massage parlour. Basically, if you want to make a profit off of them, then we need to discuss commercial licensing.

The Selection Process

The link at the end of this document will bring you to a Shoot Proof gallery. There you can click on your group and begin the selection process.

In an effort to get the photos up as fast as possible, and save days of sorting on my end, I have left finding your images to you. It should be quite easy to spot yourself in the thumbnails. (I found all mine in less than 10 minutes)

Before you add anything to your shopping cart, I highly recommend you star/favourite ALL the images you are in. This way you can filter by your starred images, compare them, and then choose from there only the ones you would like to purchase. Also, in the event you have more than 30 images in the galleries, I can then find your selection and send you everything. Just send me an email so I know you are done choosing and can get them to you.

Shoot Proof Ordering Instructions
Star the images you like
Shoot Proof Ordering Instructions
You will need to enter you email so your selections can be remembered
Shoot Proof Ordering Instructions
Click on FAVOURITES to see your selections
Shoot Proof Ordering Instructions
Click on COMPARE if you are having trouble deciding between two images (Desktop Only)
Shoot Proof Ordering Instructions
Compare Mode (Desktop Only)


Details about pricing and packages is clearly displayed when you start the selections process. If you are interested in print products please let me know and I’ll help you select something.


If you see an image you’d like to print larger than an 8×10 please get in touch with me to purchase the full resolution file. I can also look after the printing and framing process to if you like. I work with a local printer who does phenomenal work. The final price depends on the size image, print process, materials and framing. Typically it ranges from $150 – $800.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading this far and a huge thanks to everyone for the support, I’m looking forward to the next event!

Photo Links

Friday Riders:

Saturday Riders:

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