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“We have both been nature lovers since forever, but if you’re looking for name brand kind of vibe it wouldn’t be from us, we’re more of a couple of in love kids going on some sick adventures.”

-Emma Turner

“That’s exactly what I’m looking for!” I replied to the message above, “And your cast-iron skillet in the dishwasher post tells me we are going to get along.”

I bond pretty instantly to anyone who cooks with cast iron. If the thought of cast iron in the dishwasher makes you cringe, then we live a shared empathy. I opened up and told Emma the horror story of that one time a fellow camper took my skillet down to the ocean, scrubbed it thoroughly with a mixture of sand and soap, rinsed it with salt water, then let drip dry with the other dishes overnight. Emma felt my pain.

I met Emma via Facebook. She lives in Nanaimo and her fiancé, Kyle, in Campbell River. They both work in landscaping/outdoor maintenance and were all set to get married in July.

“Rain is in the forecast from Friday forward but I’m totally down for shooting in it anyway. We could get a very different vibe” I said. “Totally! Makes it more unique” Emma replied.

Rain scares a lot of couples, brides and photographers. I mean, we’ve been programmed to hate rain since birth, “Rain rain go away…” but truth be told, if you embrace it (and you have to on Vancouver Island or you’d never get outside) it’s absolutely stunning to take engagement photos in.

I could go into a bunch of technical reasons on why rainy days are beneficial such as how the lighting is more even and flattering on the skin, or how the skies are more interesting with clouds – but the real reason it looks good is for the simple fact that you don’t see it a lot.

People try and avoid the rain. It makes clothes heavy and makeup run. It gets all over lenses and there is a widespread belief that it will quickly fry all the electronics if it so much as drips on DSLR. Rain is wet, rain is cold. But it is precisely because of these extra challenges that shots in the rain are rare and thus elevated. Also, think back to those times you set out into the rain with intention, or weathered that crazy storm you weren’t expecting, it’s an adventure, you feel more alive. Now imagine capturing this.

Emma and Kyle showed up at Thetis Lake Park, Vancouver Island BC ready for anything. I had hiked our 4km route a number of times prior and scouted out all the awesome spots that showed the beautiful textures of spring here on the island. Together we would spend the next 3 hours walking, talking, running, jumping, climbing, playing, laughing, splashing, munching, dancing and snapping our way through Thetis Park.

Thank you Emma and Kyle for such a great time. You two were so fun to work with. Wishing you a wonderful wedding and fond memories when you look back on this day together.

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