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Thinking of adding a photo booth to your next event? The team at Greg Samborski Photography has worked with American Express, Philip Morris, Airbnb and numerous other companies and event agencies to conceptualize, coordinate and execute superb photo booths.

We offer a wide range of options to fit every vision and budget. Whether you want environmental portraits using natural light delivered as digital files the next day, or, a FULL ON green screen set with studio lighting, live previewing, touch screen input for instant sharing via facebook, twitter AND 6×8 lab quality prints ALL IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS!

We are based in Seoul Korea but can setup a photo booth anywhere in the world. Read on to learn and see what photo booths can do for you.

Why A Photo Booth?

The photo wall/booth is an area designated for photos and can greatly assist in increasing brand exposure, entertaining attendees and delivering a memorable gift.


Whether the subject snaps a selfie, brings home a print or receives a digital file you can enhance your brand recognition by including your logo in or on the photo. The most basic way to display your brand is have your logo printed on the photo-wall background. Another option is to ‘watermark’ the image. This is done by overlaying your logo onto the image in post production. Once a template is setup the process can be automated.

Your have three choices for the creation and distribution of your prints/digital images.

1. Attendees take and share the images themselves via smart phone. In this case we only setup and takedown the photo booth.

2. We take the photos and you share them.

3. We take the photos and share them with you and the attendees.

Personally we feel the third option paired with our Instant Sharing Package is the best way to get maximum brand exposure. This package allows attendees to download their image via a link to their phones and share it within minutes of it being taken. Offering incentives such as free gifts for sharing, liking and tagging of these photos can get you even greater brand exposure.


In our experience photo booths tend to be the place where people congregate, relax and have a little fun… especially towards the end of the evening! Booths give event goers “something to do” when they need a break between presentations. Green-screen and on site printing can offer even more creative options that will captivate and impress your attendees.


Give your attendees something to remember your event by. People love HOLDING a photo because it something they so rarely get a chance to do these days. Request On Site Printing and image will be printed and available to take home within minutes of being shot. We can deliver them in envelops or frames of your choosing.

Four Case Studies

Have a look at the following 4 case studies to see how a photo booth can take your event to the next level.

The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea threw a wine tasting event in Seoul and Busan to promote NZ wines. They wanted to offer both a unique experience and takeaway for the 800+ that would be attending. The GSP crew put their heads together and did mockups of up a few different concepts. The Chamber went with our idea of superimposing attendees into a NZ Vineyard. From when the doors opened to when all the wine was long gone event goers were crowding around to have their photos taken and printed. Many people returned for second and third photos. All images were taken, processed, printed and delivered on location.

Technical: The NZ Chamber provided the background image and logo files. GSP worked out lighting and layout that would fit with the scene and vibe of the event. A quick and efficient green-screening and printing workflow were crucial to keeping up with demand. GSP came up with a more streamlined photo booth layout and set up post production automation for many steps of the process achieving their goal of delivering a finished product in under one minute.

The University of California Irvine arrived in Seoul to recruit international students. UCI wanted to give attendees something special to remember their event by while increasing brand exposure. GSP proposed the idea of superimposing attendees into UCI’s campus so these potential students could feel as though there were already enrolled. Not only would this photo remind attendees of their UCI experience, we suspected that when shared through social media attendees’ friends might actually believe they were overseas attending UCI. This would generate interactions on the post whereby bolstering newsfeed prominence and exposure.

Technical: Once a concept was agreed on, UCI provided a photo of their campus for the background. Green screen was used on location insert the attendees into the scene. Using UCI’s logo, font and tagline GSP designed a watermark to brand the bottom of every image. Finally the images were placed into unique plexiglass frames. Attendees did not know they were going to receive their photos and were surprised to leave the lecture hall and find their image printed, framed and ready to take home just 90 minutes later.

HCC First Tank 1-72 of the US Military held Saint George’s Day Ball and wanted to offer attendees aother a form of entertainment and takeaway from their event. After doing some research on St. George GSP proposed attendees play the roles of St. George warding off a fire breathing dragon and saving the village, friends and/or significant other. Interestingly wives and girlfriends were far more interested in threatening to slice and dice their parters than play the damsel in distress. Images were taken, edited, uploaded and printed on locations. Photo goers were given a business card containing the link to their file so they could download and share it immediately while their photos were printing.

Technical: The dragon artwork in the background was sourced by GSP. We reached out the the artist and brokered a deal allowing us to use his image free of charge provided he was credited. Lighting was crucial for adding a sense of realism to this shot. Two lights were used together with orange and blue filters to make the foreground and background come together.

Dulwich College, a private international school, threw a White Christmas Charity Ball for staff, parents and supporters. They requested a photo booth and onsite printing to both entertain and provide a takeaway for attendees.

Technical: Dulwich College’s events coordinator wanted to create a slightly formal yet cozy christmas feeling using props from the event. Together we brought together a few chairs and a small Christmas tree in front of the hearth. The venue lighting was dark and muddy yellow as is typically found in conference halls. Two flashes with umbrellas were setup to create soft, even, flattering light.

Photo Booth / Green Screen Packages & Pricing

To to get the most accurate quote, please copy and paste the text below into our contact form (linked up top in the header) and add your answers. Thank you!

Type of Event / Client: BMW Company Birthday Bash
Event Location: Hard Enduro Base Camp | Greenland
Event Date(s): July 12th 2017
Duration: 0900 – 1700
Number of Guests (PAX): 200
Background: NO
Green Screen: NO
Instant Printing: YES
Instant Sharing: YES
Notes: We would like to capture each attendee riding our new BMW 650 through a giant puddle in an iconic pasture against the backdrop of Greenland and send them home with a photo they will cherish for life.

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