Flowers & Bicycles | Krystel & Lloyd’s Olmpic Park Engagment Session

Olympic Park, Seoul South Korea: Krystel and Lloyd first contacted me from the Philippines regarding Engagement photos.  Having recently photographed two Hong Kong couples, and with another client from the Phillipines booked for September, I seem to be finding my niche as a destination photographer, except I’m not the one traveling!   Krystel and Lloyd had some elements they knew they wanted in their photos, which made me like them all the more.  These elements included a bicycle, flags, flowers, bridge and large modern looking sculpture.  They knew all these things existed because they had actually scooped out the location the day before!

I can’t say who arranged these flowers, if I did she might leave me 😉  She gave them to our couple as a gift because she felt she didn’t do a nice enough arrangement.  Everyone who saw them, including Krystel and Lloyd  thought they were wonderful. I love the natural feel to them.Who knew Krystel and Lloyd also made bike baskets.Time for a little re-hydration and a wardrobe change.As you’ve probably noticed, these two came prepared.  They introduced me to the roller suitcase idea.  I now tell all my clients to bring one if they have more than one item to carry between the two of them.Love bugs… really, look close!I think it suits him.Luckily the owner didn’t come out.  He might have been mad that I changed his license plate.Lloyd found this area the night before and really wanted to get shot here.  It was great idea.How epic is that?  Yes… super epic.

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  • Krystel + Lloyd2012/07/09 - 3:09 PM

    Krystel and I were looking for a Photographer who could take our Pre-engagement pictures on our Seoul Vacation and Greg was the first we found online who accommodated us immediately and who we were able to connect with on our ideas for the photo shoot. We were able to exchange ideas even thru e-mail and he was never afraid to politely make a recommendation whenever a concept or an idea was out of place. He made sure to provide us with all the information we needed about the shoot like the locations, clothing, poses, transportation, weather, nearest salon and the nearest flower shop.

    On the day of the Photo Shoot, Greg himself made sure that we had a salon booked close to the location and he also got his wife to make a pretty bouquet which we could use during the shoot. We arrived at the Olympic Park at 3:00PM and Greg was already there waiting for us while taking pictures of the scenery. He made sure to go through with us one last time the concept of the shoot and the different poses and shots we were looking for so as to align the expectations. He never made us feel uncomfortable in any bit and was very friendly.

    The entire Photo Shoot was Fun! We tried different things we wanted to do and different things we thought of on the fly, we had a BLAST!

    We received the Photos as agreed two weeks after the Photo Shoot and they were Amazing! I never thought Krystel and I would have such great pictures. I definitely would recommend Greg to anybody who visits Seoul and is looking for a Photographer. He is a professional who is great to work with and definitely delivers on his promises.ReplyCancel

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