Interviews, Text Messages & A Maltese | Jacob & Viviana

“I met Viviana (아영) at work. She was actually the one that did the phone interview with me while I was still in South Africa. She was the one that convinced our boss at that time to hire me. She, Viviana, really liked my photo on my resume. When I got to my new hagwon the first day, I saw Viviana for the first time and she looked really beautiful and she was super friendly. I felt a little intimidated. I don’t think I made a very good first impression. I was still jet-lagged and was caught by surprise with this beautiful friendly girl.”“We soon started talking a lot on Kakao talk and I was fishing for all kinds of detail, like if she had a boyfriend.”“I couldn’t believe when she told me she was single!”“I really liked her, she was/is so spontaneous, fun, gorgeous, active and very kind to me.”“Soon I invited her to go out with me to a friend’s engagement dinner. There I held her hand for the first time…and as they say, ‘The rest is history.'”“We would go to gym together in the mornings before work and at night go for walks with her doggy next to the stream.”Congratulations you two, I had a great time with all three of you 🙂

-Greg S

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