Peanut-Butter & Bananas

Break down of my weekly activites during solo-ism
Breakdown of my Weekly Activities

My eyes feel like they’re going to start bleeding.  My neck is sore and I think I’ve lost weight.  I’ve been living fast food and by ‘fast’ I mean bananas dipped in homemade

peanut-butter.  There’s no other food I know of that is as quick, substantial and delicious.

My return to solo-ism kicked off when my wife and baby made a trip up to Seoul to see the grandparents.  Anyone who has raised a baby to 15-months understands what a rare and precious commodity free time is.  I was not about to waste it way on such mundane tasks as eating and sleeping, activities that I can (and must) partake in when my family is at home.

Instead I have filled the last week with the following:

Overhauling my website has turned out to be an incredibly difficult yet addictive task.  In fact only 20% of the time is actually spent creating, the other 80% is spent figuring out answers to things like “how to edit  an SQL database”, “how to allow arrow keys to control a scrolling slideshow” and “how to make my page SEO”.  Don’t know what that last one means?  Neither did I until a day ago.  Search Engine Optimization is vital and something that was utterly non existent on my last website.

My decision to rebuild stemmed from three main problems.  It didn’t look pretty, it lacked content, and it couldn’t easily be found.  The new site addresses each of these problems well.  The side-scrolling layout is pretty sleek (time will tell how user friendly it is).  I can now blog easily from my site and create content which I feel is imperative to attracting clients and boosting site visibility. And I have painstakingly titled, tagged, and categorized my content with targeted keywords in the hopes it will lead to more relevant, higher ranked search listings.

There is still so much work that lies ahead and here I’ve spent 40 minutes creating a blog post that wont be read anytime soon.  As much as I would like to paste a link on facebook I don’t want people to see this website that is more like a stack of raw materials than a finished product.  But this post does mark the beginning of something exciting, a stronger, larger, more visible foundation for me to build my business on.

Today on a Rangefinder Magazine podcast the host asked Marianne Drenthe about her “Ah ha!” moment, the moment she realized she needed to quit nursing to peruse a photography.  I thought about how I might answer that question.  I look forward to re-reading this post prior to the interview 🙂  In the mean time, I’m going to get some peanut-butter and bananas.

-Greg Samborski Photography

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