I’ve always told others my camera is a magical tool. Its mere presence can open doors into peoples lives and quite literally into a family’s home. Photographing ‘a day in the life‘ of a family is one of my favourite ways to capture what being a family is all about. Home, after all, is where family happens, it’s familiar, comfortable and often the structure and contents are a reflection of who you are and how you choose to live.

Many families worry that their home is too messy or their routines are too boring. A hundred plus family sessions in and I have still NEVER found this to be true. If something looks out of place in the frame, we can move it. Of course we come up with some activities to photograph like waking up in your pyjamas, cooking breakfast together, washing the dog, taking a walk and having a mid day snooze. With a decent plan, some good light, and a go-with-the-flow attitude we can create photos that capture those fleeting everyday moments that really are the essence of family life.

Not only do I love how organic these sessions are, one of the most rewarding part for me is getting letters from my families weeks, months and years later expressing how grateful they are for the photos we created together. NOW is the right time to do this. Put it off any longer and before you know it your kids will be all grown up!

Below you will find some of my favourite photos from home visits, urban excursions, walks in the forrest and multi day integrations. At the very bottom you will see a gallery of full stories you can click on for a better idea of how a typical shoot unfolds. Enjoy!


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