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About me, your future instructor:

I’m a professional freelance photographer here in Seoul Korea and have taught photography at the university level for three years and on base since 2014. I have experience in almost every genera of photography but most of my work revolves around families, events, engagements and editorials. In my personal time I love to experiment with high speed photography, products shots and anything involving motorcycles and travel. Feel free to explore the portfolios found in the drop down menu above to see more of my work.

Teaching photography has been a major learning experience for me and I’m constantly building upon, redesigning, and experimenting with the curriculum based on class observations and student feedback. I’ve now

Please have a browse through the classes to get a feel for the level and content. Soon I will be adding student work and testimonials to this page.

At this time my photography courses and workshops are only available to those service members/contractors of the US military and their families with access to Yongsan Army Base.  If there is enough interest here in Seoul/Korea I would be happy to offer some photography classes off of the army base.  Simply go to this google survey and let me know a few details about yourself so I can email you once a course is created.

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