The Beginning | Shannon’s Internship

Hi, I’m Shannon, a French girl from Reunion Island and for the next two months I’m going to do a marketing internship at Greg Samborski Photography in Seoul, South Korea. I already know what you guys are thinking, what is this Reunion island? Well, for short, it’s a French nation in the Indian Ocean. Yes, the Indian Ocean and no, I do not live in the banana trees.

So, first day in Seoul and first day of my internship. Half nervous, half excited I go to the meeting with Greg and my new colleague Hanna in Hapjeong. I arrived at the station and first meet Hanna, a sweet and kind girl and we quickly present ourselves. She’s a Korean adoptee raised in the US currently in her third year of university. She decided to go back in Korea to start university and is really interested in photography and videography. So, as we are talking we enter a cafe, the location for our meeting with Greg.

Greg arrives and I’m so nervous to meet him for the first time because first, he’s technically my boss and secondly, I’m worried that my English-speaking ability isn’t that great. But quickly all my worries disappear, Greg is super nice and cool and with Hanna the meeting is going well. He introduced us to a new working platform “Teamwork” which allow us to organize the tasks and also to see all the projects, the active tasks, clients etc. And more importantly, it allows us to see who is doing what and for how long. I would say it’s a great tool to evaluate your work.

After distributing each task and project Greg decides to take some portraits of us.

OH MY GOD …. I am camera shy, I usually can’t stand seeing myself in photos. Greg takes Hanna and I in the streets to take some portraits with a nice background. Hanna’s first, and I can already feel the embarrassment. But she’s doing well and quickly it’s my turn (nooooo). Greg starts to ask me random questions to “capture various expressions”, meanwhile I’m just thinking about how to not to look completely ridiculous! However, as time passes I’m getting more comfortable (I think) and the impromptu shoot finishes. After some portraits of Greg, we decide to go back at the cafe and finish the meeting.

The first day is over and I have to say, I’m really looking forward to this internship as I get to work with two awesome people. I hope I’m going to do a good job!

Ps: The jet lag is killing me.

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