Thomas’s Adoption | Seoul, South Korea

Holt Offices, South Korea: As soon as Elizabeth and Wain saw Julie and Robs adoption photos they got a hold of me to set up a photo shoot.  I told them with great regret that my new teaching schedule only allowed me to shoot on Fridays.  I’ve learned you have about as much control over an adoption date as you do over the weather… neither of us were holding our breath.  After a lengthy lull in emails I got a message from Liz.  I fully expected to loose my 9th adoption photo session due to scheduling but when I opened the email it read “We are scheduled at Holt on Friday, October 5th at 1:30pm.”  I was so happy I jumped out of my chair and paced around my office (I pace when I’m happy).  Finally another adoption had come my way.

On the day of the shoot I had no choice but to drop off one of my favorite pieces of glass, my 28-75, at the lens doctor.  It was inflicted with a highly contagious fungus.  I would have take on this shoot with a 50mm 1.8 prime.  I’d step out of my comfort zone with the goal of varying my depth of field more frequently and drastically than ever before.  I would also juggle two different lenses giving careful consideration to which situation each was most suited for and thus giving Liz and Wain greater variance in their images.  Most importantly, I’d switch up my compositions with the goal of getting greater depth in my photos and frames that could tell the story of Thomas’s adoption without any need for subtext.

When I arrived at Holt Liz and Wain were already there.  I could feel the same anticipation I felt with Julie and Rob.  When I peeked outside little Thomas was there waiting to come in with his foster mother.  Again I was surprised just how different every adoption is.  Thomas was so calm, collected and well mannered.  He just cruised around the room checking things out.  His foster mother seemed like a great lady and I could already feel and see Thomas’s new parents were going to give him all their love.  Have a look at the photos, you’ll see it too.

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