Victoria Supermoto | July 7th 2020

Nearly every time I ride with someone in the LIRC community ‘supermoto’ comes up. My understanding of the sport was pretty much maxed out at “dirt bike with smooth tires”. There was this one video I mentioned in my post with Christopher Chong and Dr. Z that I saw a decade ago and has always stayed with me, these two french hooligans just hauling ass (dang they took it down) on some of the best twisties I’ve ever seen.

On July 7th I had the opportunity to deepen my understanding. I took Jamie and Randy’s suggestion to volunteer as a photographer at Victoria Supermoto over at Western Speedway.

I had a blast photographing it and quite like that this event stands in stark contrast to my events portfolio – I’m still shooting suits, they’re just all leather now 🙂

Below is a small selection of images I found most visually pleasing to my untrained supermoto eye. As I learned shooting horse jumping, athletes look at images in a very different way from photographers, proper form is everything. One needs to understand the sport fully to really capture it well. I welcome any suggestions on what traits to look for when shooting and culling.

Images & Sharing

You can view and download any or all of the 459 images if you have the time and determination to sift through them. Simply follow the link below.

You are also welcome to share the images wherever you like. I would ask that you credit me as the photographer on whichever platform you’re using:

web = Photo(s) by Greg Samborski Photography
(The embedded link should direct to
faceboook = @Greg Samborski Photography
instagram = @greg.samborski

One Favour to Ask…

My family and I just moved back to Victoria after 15 years in Seoul, Korea. I built a thriving photography business there and completely underestimated how challenging it would be to recreate it here in Canada. Could you help me out? If you know of anyone looking for a photographer, please mention me. I’ve shot it all, commercial, corporate, tourism, lifestyle, event, engagement, wedding, family, and of course ANYTHING motorbike related 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all again for many Tuesdays to come!

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