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Bold. Creative. Playful. These three words perfectly encapsulate my photographic style.

My name is Greg. Twelve years ago, I left my day job to pursue photography, and I’ve never looked back. This hobby-turned-profession has taken me around the globe, opening doors and hearts along the way.

So, how would I approach capturing your wedding day? It all starts with a casual introductory call to ensure we’re a good match—both in terms of my work and our personal chemistry. If we click, we’ll dive into the planning, ironing out every detail. I have a penchant for drafting timelines and contingency plans, so you’ll be in good hands.

I’m eager to document everything on your special day—from the moment you roll out of bed, until you roll back into it (okay, maybe not quite that far – at least until your last guest stumbles off the dance floor). Why? Because I thrive on storytelling, and it’s those fleeting, in-between moments that truly tell a tale.

On your wedding day, I’ll be both everywhere and nowhere. Clients often ask how I managed to capture intimate shots without them noticing me—a feat, given my height of 6’3″. I like to blend into the background to catch candid moments, yet I’m ready to step in and direct when a creative opportunity arises. Rest assured, I always exercise good judgment and would never intrude on significant moments like your vows or first kiss.

From the lead-up to the big day and beyond, consider me part of your team. I’m more than just a photographer; I’m a friend, messenger, wardrobe fixer, hair and makeup checker and romance reminder. I’m also a great excuse to use when you and your partner need to step out of it all, breath, and take it all in.

Please take a moment to view the photos below and explore my website. If you like what you see, let’s connect and take this to the next level.

Your prospective wedding photographer,
Greg S

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